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We have been using revitaPOP since 2009. My child started with B-12 shots, nasal sprays, sublingual, and then revitaPOP. The product was enjoyable, good tasting, and highly effective. revitaPOP has been a staple in our house since the product was first introduced. It gave my child an instant boost with speech, mood and focus. Today, my child who is a teenager calls them “stress pops.” He has a revita POP daily or on an as needed basis to keep any anxiety in check. He will consume a revitaPOP before a test, basketball game, or long road trip. My mother who is in remission from cancer, developed early dementia or “chemo brain” from her treatments. RevitaPOP has helped her with short-term memory, clarity, and mood. I myself will have a pop if I feel extremely tired, stressed or fatigued. If I am in need of extra energy for my Zumba work-outs, revitaPOP is my go to secret. The beauty of revitaPOP is it is a simple, non-evasive, fun product for both children and grown-ups.

- Eileen, , , Ca


I'm a hairdresser and stand on my feet 90% of the time, thanks to the revitaPop it always give me a second wind in the afternoon,especially when I don't have enough time to eat a full meal, I discover it's not only good for kids, it's good for everyone!

- katia, Beverly hills , California


As we work on recovering our 3 year old son Bryan from Autism, this is a welcome change from all the other interventions we use. We use it everyday, it keeps him happy and calm. I take it as well! Our entire familiy uses revita-pop and I tell everyone I know about it. Amazing that something so yummy can help us have more focus, sense of well being and help my son's speech.
Thank you for your hard work!
A Revita-Pop Family

- Jennifer, Studio City , CA


My little girl Madison (11) is on the Autism spectrum (PDD NOS). One of the symptoms of her Autism is social anxiety. Since we began using Revitapops, we've seen a notable change in our Maddy! She's more confident, communicative, and more comfortable in her own skin and we mark the beginning of that change with our first purchase of Revitapops! We are amazed!

- Don Cobb, Santa Rosa , CA


I love the site, it's soo welcoming!! Good Job

- Alexandria D'or, Katy , Texas


HI! I was one of the 50 winners of some of your awesome suckers from Leslie Loves Veggies! I got my pops in the mail the day I was having a party at my house. I had been up pretty late the night before and was up early the day of the party getting ready. I did not know how I was going to make it until midnight, which is when our parties typically end. My hubby and I decided to try the pops! They said they would help with energy etc. Boy did they! Now I am not saying I went around buzzing like a bee on caffiene. It was much more subtle than that. I made it thru the day and evening and fell into bed around 1am tired but not exhausted like I normally would. The suckers seemed to just give me the boost I needed to have a great time! AND they taste wonderful! Thanks so much for letting me try them for free via the contest I entered. I will definitely be buying some in the future!

- Angie, Delaware , Ohio


Stan, I met you and your Pops at the Nourishing Hope seminar in SF. My daughter has PPD-NOS, and I have suffered from alcoholism, depression, anxiety, and memory problems. The first day I noticed a difference in myself and my daughter. She talked quite a bit more than usual and she came out of her shell. I feel so much calmer, I have a lot more positive energy and take fewer naps. Within one month of using RevitaPop my daughter has gone from a C- average to A's in both Math and Reading!!! Her teachers have all commented and even her Sunday School teacher tracked us down to ask what we were doing differently.
I am so pleased that we can get this product without a prescription and for a reasonable price because we both eat them everyday! I have been sober for some years but I feel even better than I did on that "Pink Cloud" Thanks Stan!!!

- Dawn, Santa Rosa , CA


We just finished our first bag and our 6 year old son love them! He has one everyday and this is a boy who would not eat candy or take medicine. He now asks me if he can have a revita pop. It seems to calm him too.

This is a great product!! Can't wait to find a local store that carries them in our area.

- Cathy, Burlingame , CA


Our son has seen an increase in stamina, positive attitude and focus since using revitapop. He would chew any other sub-lingual, but understands to "suck" on the pop. It is also all natural, and is the ONLY cane sugar he gets ever...we have seen no issues with the sugar in revitapop, and he is EXTREMELY sensitive. It is also wonderful that he now has a "treat" like the other kids, and I know it is doing good things for him :) I also use them myself during my night class. Now everyone is asking for them. Thanks for a natural product that is what it says it is.


- Anne, Wesley Chapel , FL


My son is 6, and never ate a looly pop in his life. He is Autistic, and very fussy with what he eats. The first time that I introduced him to one, he immediately opened his mounth, and when he tasted it, he loved it so much. Now I give him 1 a day. It's only been 1 week, but I'm so excited he even tried one, and even more so, he loves them. I'm hopeing these will work insist of the shots that many recommend..I have already noticed a difference in him after he eats one. He is focused, and just being so happy in just 1 pop amazes me...I even tried one, and it did the same for me. A miracale for sure. God Bless, Theresa

- Theresa, Naples , Florida


Oh WOW we LOVE these things. We have tried all sorts of biomed suplements for out little guy. We were doing B12 drops and Doc said we would go to injections if they helped. We did see an inmprovement with B12 but wanted to try MB12. When I heard about these suckers I jumped at the chance and this has made the biggest difference of anything we have tried and is by far the easiest as he LOVES them! Within minutes there is a big difference in his ability to concentrate and engage. We left our bag at families over Thanksgiving and he went three days without them and those three days we got reports from school that he was having a hard time. Suckers showed up and boom! he was back on track. We never miss a day and friends asked the secret and they will be trying them too.

- Megan, Billings , MT


Just attended the National Autism Association National Conference for the last 4 days and by 3p or so myself and my friends' brains were quite fatigued and processing very slowly. I had a bag of the ReVita Pop lollipops with me and gave one to each of my friends. Within about 15 minutes we all looked at each other like "Wow!!" It gave us a clean energy and mental focus to continue listening and learning. I also give one to my kids either on the way to school or before we do Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Thanks Stan!!

- Wanda, Miramar , FL


Absolutely amazing! We were doing the shots every day to get a good level in my son. 2 weeks on RevitaPop and he is doing better than on the shots! Asking questions about the meaning of words like cooperate, possibility, responsible, etc. Putting large concepts together, reasoning and logic. His stamina has improved, as he now ants to go out all the time and enjoys staying out all day -even exhausting his parents!!!! He is changing before our eyes and it is great! Thank you so much for blessing all of us parents with a viable alternative to injections, and one that works just as well - if not better. Will tell everyone I know about them - already gave them to our pediatrician and a doc that researches and treats autism and PANDAS.

- Susi, Windermere , FL


Thank you Dave and Stan. Just wanted to say, I take one a day for 2 months now. Results have been: calming feeling, fingernails hard and strong (used to be flaky and short), night vision glare gone, some growth I've had under my skin on my leg, some kind of cyst, reduced to about a third of what it was, and by some miracle, my cellulite on the back of my legs is smoothing away. Forget the rest, the cellulite thing makes it worth it's weight in gold. I told my mom about this, and her friends all wanted the website. LOL. I said it was just a lucky side-effect, it's not supposed to be for cellulite. I didn't see an immediate result, but it took a couple weeks to kick in, but now is really dramatic change in overall health, so tell people to be patient. Anyway, just some feed back. A happy customer...Kelly

- Kelly, Las Vegas , NV


I bought the ReVitaPop for my 5 yr old son Benjamin. We have never done the shots. I notice when he has one he is calmer, even tempered and just seems more relaxed and focused. When I tried them I was not too sure what to expect but took one in the morning while driving carpool and by the time I got home I was no longer stressed and tired. I had energy, I felt good, I felt like cleaning my house which I never do...I spent that whole afternoon cleaning my basement playing with my son and just had so much energy. I never had the crash that comes from caffeine, I just had a productive pleasant day. I will never be without them. Thanks Stan!!!

- Jennifer, Rose Hill , KS


we started revitapops about a month ago and have noticed an increase in clarity and ability to verbalize right away. We had been using the shots and had begun to think they weren't working anymore. I think the pops work better and is so much more pleasant. we did an experiment and stopped for a week and it was astonishing how our son once again had trouble verbalizing and could not understand what we were saying to him (total brain fog). The first day back on the pops and he said this as he was playing a video game: "this is your last chance, do it now!" We could not believe it! He never uses complete sentences! I love the pops! looking forward to a sugarfree version.

- Alice, Bossier City , Louisiana


The ReVitaPop was amazing! The first time I had one was at the USAAA Conference and right after having one, I felt energetic and ready to go. I was so alert and ready for the rest of the day! Awesome invention!

- Zack, Los Angeles , California


ReVitaPop saved Daddy's Birthday! Dad's list of a perfect day was simple. But when her older brother called on the phone, she as most kids then wanted Daddy's attention more than ever. After being scolded,she completely melted down & in complete defiance, marched up stairs taking off the beach wear saying "she's not going!", & all plans to go for a walk on the beach, were off! Boy was it too, 15 to 20 minutes of the usually successful reinforcers to no avail, then begging & pleading. But then as if answer to prayer, an ingenious thought occurred to bribe her with the lollipop. So after agreeing to stop crying & listen while I explained how important it was to not ruin Dad's special day, FOR A LOLLIPOP! She suddenly felt much better! Came down the stairs with a smile on her face! Was a sheer delight walking along the ocean! The day was saved. Now I"m sure to have a whole bag on hand for the transition "Back To School". Thank you so much Stan! Your making the world a happier place. I can now truly understand & appreciate the conviction you had when you handed me the lollipop. I took it out of my purse like a super power to save the day. So Great! Thank you again. Sincerely, "Triplet Tracey" Baltera.

- Tracey, Corona Del Mar , CA


My 24 year old brother, Rob, has PDD-NOS since he was 5 yrs old. After the lollipop, the biggest difference I noticed was Rob was calm, less obsessive and his eyes did not "twitter" like usual. Since he has been on the GF/CF diet, his acne cleared in 4 days, and he is a lot less stressful to be around. We love this lollipop, and we will be continuing with more bio-medical treatments, as well as, ordering more pops! Thank you for making a smart and healthy lollipop!

- Laura, Kingwood , TX


I recently tried a ReVitaPop at a biomedical conference. I have to admit, before I tried it, I was a skeptic as I am aware of the limitations of oral absorption for Methyl B-12. I tried the pop because it was an hour before I was to give a presentation and I thought maybe it would provide me with good clarity and focus as well as reduce some of the pre-presentation anxiety I tend to get before I speak. I was amazed at my response. I felt very clear and had no trouble with staying on point and my thoughts and words seemed to flow very well as I delivered my presentation. It seemed easier than many presentations had been in the past. Additionally, anxiety was greatly minimized. I was looking for the "caffeine energy" without the "caffeine anxiety" and this was exactly what I got. From this point forward, I plan to have a ReVitaPop before all of my future presentations. Thank you, Stan, for your continued contribution to the biomedical arena. Sincerely, Angela Woodward, 42 yrs. old.

- Angela, Hilliard , Ohio


I am a 40 year old women who has been diagnosed with MS and has suffered for decades with chronic neck/back pain, digestive issues, brain fog, fatigue, numbness asthma, etc. I tried a Revitapop and within minutes I had energy, clarity, and a complete sense of peace and joy. I could breathe deeper than I have in years and I felt NO PAIN. I felt like a kid again. It may sound crazy but at least I'm a crazy pain free, deep breathing, clear thinking joyful gal. The only way to believe it is try it! Everyone deserves to feel this great!

- Nikki, Commerce , Michigan


My son will be 8 in 9 weeks, I started him on MB12 3 weeks ago, never tried the shots, and I have seen some amazing things in him ever since. He called me "mom" for the first time, has been attempting new words, as well as saying words daily. He is more focused and sitting in his classroom longer with fewer sensory integration breaks. Even his artwork has changed, he went from scribbling or just writing the alphabet and numbers, to making actual drawings. Over the weekend he drew a snowman, a Christmas tree and self *portraits*, also has better memory recall, listening to us/following instructions, more interested in playing with games and interactive toys with us too! He has even cracked me up a few times with his sense of humor, laughing appropriately at TV, and has been more affectionate with us, hugs, back rub/pats, and playing with our hair.

- Colleen, Fountain , CA


Here it is now, Sunday. Jamie is repeating every word we say to him, without exception. Spiderman? Sure. Daddy? Of course. Diaper? Sure. We haven't heard most of these words before. I shudder to imagine how many words in a day we could get him to say right now...

In one day, with the addition of MB12, Jamie went from 5% echoing to 90-100%. I just don't know what else to say. We've been calling everyone to let them hear Jamie talk, it really is an amazing feeling. We are trying to remain calm, we know this is a rollercoaster.

As Anagram always, always says, NOTHING works for all kids. We did many things in a short period of time, the MB12 feels like the biggie, but this is profoundly unscientific. But, it is such a shocking change, I wanted to report the news.

- JB, Portland , OR


I took the ReVitaPop and loved the convenience, and then I was just shocked by how good I felt afterwards. I love ReVitaPop!

- Tim, Omaha , NB

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